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Funded by Sport England through Sported 

About this Project

Give young BME disadvantaged people (16‑25 years) the opportunity to be active and socialize in a safe, environment, away from the risks of being drawn into anti-social behaviour or crime on the streets through social sporting activities especially table tennis

About this Project

''CIMS'' is for elderly BME  50+ people afraid, distressed, impacted by C19, which paralysed their usual social activities prior to C19. GVI's team members provide targeted support and strategies to help them get through C19 pandemic phase, through ''CIMS'' helpline, social tennis and Village café facilities, providing telephone support for people to book an initial half-hour call through Eventbrite, our social media handles. Cuppa, toast is provided while playing table tennis for 2 hours every Saturday while observing social distancing measures

Senior Man with Mask
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Funded by ESF/WEA

About this Project

Support NEET 19+ from BME communities, out of work, on a low income better their job prospects, provide them with specialist training, digital skills build up and competencies for the marketplace

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