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Youth Groups

Youth Groups Affiliated with Global Vision Initiative


Active Youths Foundation is a youth group in the BME communities of Crumpsall,  Cheetham Hill, Gorton, Levenshulme and environs who came together to enlighten, educate and dissuade other young people from social issues such as anti-social behaviours, homophobic actions, racial slurs, religious bigotry, radicalization and extremist views.

Our main goal is to encourage disadvantaged young people, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other minority groups in their local communities, especially in the BME community we serve to become focused, responsible, volunteer and acquire life skills required to position them strategically on the job market. We planned doing this by organizing many local projects and international projects especially funded projects on current social issues such as prevention of youths radicalization, prevention of extremist views, organizing social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, digital/ICT skills and employability skills training.



New Generations' youth group supports vulnerable people in the BMEA communities of Gorton, Longsight, Levenshulme, Ardwick communities of Manchester impacted by C19, and the associated social and economic hardship caused by the crisis, we focus on supporting these group as we continue to meet their immediate needs especially young people that are disadvantaged and unreached in our communities, including those from low-income families, those facing financial hardship from COVID-19 pandemic and continue to fall into despair due to the COVID-19 challenges  which continue to cause imbalance in the health system/charity sector.

New Youth Projects

New Projects by Youth Groups



Project By
Active Youths Foundation

’Job Cafe Project’’ helps 35 participants NEET 16+ from BME communities of Crumpsall & Cheetham Hill wards and environs who are out of work, on a low income better their job prospects, providing them with specialist training, ICT/digital and Social Skills build up and competencies for the marketplace.

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