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 Digital Academy Program

UK's Version of Erasmus Programme, Approved by Turing Scheme

Newly Approved Project!

We are pleased to announce that Turing Scheme (The UK’s version of Erasmus+ Program) approves ‘’Digital Academy Program’’ for Global Vision Initiative in its first roll-out of projects for the scheme.

Global Vision Initiatives project team’s research shown that 20% of young people in the BAME community we serve are involved in digital/ICT training programs, many aspiring to be digital natives.

‘’Digital Academy Program’’ strategically concepted in line with our global outreach is targeted at 40 disadvantaged young people age 16+ in the BAME communities of Gorton, Longsight, Levenshulme, Cheetham-Hill, Crumpsall Manchester, the UK yet to attend any of our international skills-based training programs, participants on previous local and international projects such as ‘’Activate 4 Action’’ - Comic Relief, ‘’Digital Entrepreneurship Project’’ - British Council (EU) etc. are recruited first to ensure eligibility on this innovative project.

'Digital Academy Program' capacity build disadvantaged young people, empower them with digital skills in pedagogical skills space, learning basic coding process, apps development, cybersecurity management replicated with minority groups they work with educating them on digital/ICT skills for practical work encouraging them to become ''digital natives'' and thus contribute to further job creation for themselves and others.

Phase 1, 20 disadvantaged young people 16+ trained for 14days travel days inclusive on coding process, apps development and cyber bulling management skills digital/ICT tools etc; in Edmonton Canada. Date to be announced

Phase 2, 20 disadvantaged young people 16+ trained for 14days; travel days inclusive in Ghana on coding process, apps development and cyber bulling management skills digital/ICT tools, methodology, engages in practical job shadowing, on the job training and volunteering work using competencies acquired to support migrants in schools, migrant centres already contacted for skills acquisition- Date to be announced

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