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Institute of Leadership Development

About Our Capacity Development Programme

Global Vision's Institute of Leadership Development is the official and recognized training arm of the organization. The institute provides enrolled students with intensive modules to develop leadership skills and traits in individuals.

VILD's Capacity Building Programme (CBP) is therefore designed to unlock participants' potentials, boost their confidence and empower them with the needed soft skills to make them more confident and productive on the job. 

CBP is an impactful and practical programme that will take participants through behavioural and attitudinal changes, goal setting, planning, motivate and ensure their competency within their respective functional roles. The program exposes participants to new and best practises in organizational environments, improves and restructures participants' thought process by inculcating sound and disciplined work patterns that would ultimately improve an organization's performance.

Program Aims & Objectives

The overall goal of CBP is to develop individuals to be rounded personalities with the core leadership and soft skills to enable them stand out. Specifically, our aims are:

  • to raise responsible and disciplined employees today for tomorrow's businesses

  • to empower and tool employees on the enormous responsibilities of leadership

The Objectives for meeting these aims include;

  • to build participants' confidence, self-esteem and interpersonal skills

  •  to elevate participants' achievements

  • to improve participants' engagement

  • to build competent and motivated workforce who directly and positively impact their employer's bottomline


Goal Setting and Personal Performance

This module equips participants with knowledge and teaches:

  • how to organize their personal life

  • how to develop a process of searching for creative solutions

  • how to refine and expand ideas

  • utilizing potentially "hot" ideas and maintaining their enthusiasm since anybody can become a goal setter and planner

  • setting effective goals and plans and prioritizing those goals and also applying the same to an array of scenarios.


Personal Effectiveness and Time Management

This module teaches participants;

  • how to improve time and self management capabilities

  • needed skills to enable them set priorities and to follow them

  • to identify and do away with time-wasters and lead a crisis free life

  • to develop strategies and skills to overcome common blocks and barriers to effective time management 


Interpersonal Relation Skills

This module teaches participants to:

  • improve, evaluate and accept responsibilities

  • identify methods to respond to conflict situations in the environment

  • enable participants work in teams more efficiently

  • develop skills on how to be effective and overcome some common blocks and barriers to successful interpersonal relationships


Social Responsibility & Volunteering

This module is designed to equip participants with the skills to:

  • play an active role in improving their communities through socially responsible initiatives and volunteering

  • develop leadership, organizational skills and a heightened sense of social connection. 

  • acquire employability skills, social capital, social and civil skills. Service learning programmes may impact on the productivity and performance of participants.

  • Lower the rate of rework, low productivity and non-performance


Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

This module equips participants with the following capacities:

  • to solve problems and making decisions on a daily basis

  • learn the problem and decision making process which will impact favourably on their planning process

  •  be skilled in the art of solving problems and making decisions which affect their work patterns bearing in mind the ever-changing nature of our environment. 


Team Building

This module imbibes participants with the following skills:

  • building effective teams and functioning in teams

  • relating effectively and efficiently with team members

  • consider what is involved in cooperative efforts and why real teamwork can be very effective

  • offer solutions for improving teamwork and team spirit in real life situations.

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