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Digital Academy Project, UK-Ghana 2022 | Huge Success

Digital Academy Project, UK-Ghana 2022 elicits a lot of grandeur and everlasting memories, for UK participants and our partners in Ghana, our perception at Global Vision Initiative, is to add value to our immediate and the global space as it were, necessitating the conceptualization of digital initiatives; as digitalization of processes and procedures takes centre stage in the new normal era courtesy COVID-19.

Digital comprehension is key in 21st-century as it plays a crucial role in modern-day living generally, ''DAP'' therefore encouraged young people with agile mindsets willing to try new digital skills and competencies; in line with ET 2020, ‘DAP’ was delivered to aid digitization of social activities, youth work etc in face of disruptive trends such as COVID-19.

See memories of ‘’DAP’’ UK-Ghana 2022

By Ayodeji Olofintila Program Director,

GV Initiative.

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