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Good news – Program Director, GLOBAL VISION INITIATIVE appointed as Consultant to ECORYS UK

We Are Pleased to announce that the Program Director Global Vision Initiative, has been appointed as a consultant by ECOYRS UK to support/assist its associates, colleagues, and team in areas such as:

• Grant Fund Design

• Creation of Application Forms and Guidance Notes

• Programme Start-up

• Grant Fund Promotion

• Support to Applicants

• Application Assessment and Selection

• Application Eligibility, Budget and Due Diligence Checks

• Negotiating Grant Agreements or Contracts

• Project/Programme Risk Assessment and Management

• Capacity Building of Projects or Organisations

• Project Performance Monitoring and Support

• Project Reporting

• Project Fraud and Compliance Checks

• Project Payments

• Data Collection and Analysis

• Project / Programme Evaluation

• Marketing and Communications (e.g. Websites, Events, Social Media)

• Project and Grant Fund Dissemination of Learning (e.g. writing reports, case studies, delivering seminars etc.)

• Policy Advice

• Development, configuration, or manipulation of grant management digital tool

Congratulations, many more to come in Jesus’ name Amen.

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