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The Power of True Stories Vs False Stories: A Global Vision initiative Project in Romania.

Not long ago, Global Initiative was present in Romania, in the project The Power of True Stories vs False Stories, a mobility for youth workers project supported by the European Commission through Erasmus+ Program. The project was implemented in Romania, in the town of Drobeta Turnu Severin, by our project partner Youthopolis and other partners from Jordan, Palestine, Tunis and Spain.

Why we wanted to join this initiative? Youth nowadays live surrounded by a continuous flood of information and news. The information comes to young people from almost every app that we use. Radio, television, newspapers, social media and internet became the main sources of often false news. The fake news are misleading people and are usually causing negative attitudes and actions like hate speech or violence extremism and also can create a mist that hides the genuine and effective information. Thus it can be hard and time consuming for youth leaders and youth workers to reach out for genuine and useful information.

This project aimed to increase the level of civic youth participation by providing media literacy to 24 youth workers from Europe and neighbouring countries, for 7 months. The aim was supported by the following objectives:

• to provide educators (youth workers, teachers, mentors, youth leaders) with concrete tools to counter fake news and hate speech

• to explore the deepness of this issue in regard to fake news and hate speech using experiential learning • to develop a tool box on “digital human rights education” (DHRE) and explore main tools at social media used in HRE

• to enhance the optimal usage of social media against fake news and hate speech

• to create a context where the participants can reflect on their own learning process, using the competences promoted by Erasmus+. By using interactive and non-formal methods, our youth workers became highly involved in the project and developed their own skills and practical knowledge. The training working principles were based on experiential pedagogy, which stands for learning from your own experience.

By Ayodeji Olofintila Program Director,

GV Initiative.

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