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“Online Training Courses for E+ Youth Workers” started from the a small research we made, we had some internal and external meetings and we discovered that some NGO-s have a specific challenge, no proper tools available to train youth workers in youth programs, when they need and in a flexible way, not only when some courses appear.

Through open and innovative practices in digital area such as of gamification of learning or Open Educational Resources we aim to achieve relevant and high quality skills and competences. Our proposed activities will promote quality youth work through 10 innovative approaches, among them being ETS model of competences, creation of intercultural-virtual-community out of 4 non-formal networks of learning and innovative inter-connection between world of youth work and employment etc.

The features of the project include following characteristics: framework of MOOC, usage of OER, adapted KOLB learning cycle to e-learning rules and products of the project such as e-books and e-games for open use.

The project will consist of 5 partners from 4 countries and will result in development of 4 innovative online course for 4 positions in youth work

Objectives of the Courses


To develop online course for the project managers in E+ Projects


To develop online course for the mentors in EVS


To develop online course for the youth leaders in youth exchanges


To develop online course for the youth leaders in youth exchanges


To create four non-formal networks - communities of practises


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Newly-Approved Project

About this Project

WALK IN MY SHOES aims to support youth workers, trainers, educators given to actions that focus on and provide a better strategy to dealing with challenges occurring from lack of inclusion and diversity through 3 Short-term joint staff training events.

This project initiative is to increase the professional capacity of non-governmental organizations working with disadvantaged young people in the field of diversity through European collaboration acquiring new strategies and participatory methods of non-formal education to manage cultural diversity in their local communities.

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Newly-Approved Project

About This Project

''Solutions for Unemployment and Development'' Youth Exchange Program:  One of the World's leading problems is unemployment, especially youth unemployment. Surely this problem affects not only the individual but also the society in which the individual lives, resulting in feelings of worthlessness, unhappiness, and anger by the young people. 

''SOUND'' aims to discuss the unemployment challenges faced by young people and the effects of these on them and their immediate local communities.

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