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GHANA 2023: Digital Incubator Program Approved. Are you keen to upgrade your IT skills?

Great News! Turing Scheme, UK’s version of Erasmus+ Program, approves ‘’Step Up Digital Incubator Program’’ for Global Vision Initiative for 2nd year in a row.

We are pleased to announce that the Turing Scheme (The UK’s version of Erasmus+ program) approves ‘’’Step Up Digital Incubator Program’ for Global Vision Initiative in its 2nd roll-out (2022/2023) of projects for the scheme.

20 young people 14+ trained for 14 days travel days exclusive on coding process, apps development and cybersecurity management skills digital/ICT tools etc; in Accra, Ghana 🇬🇭 in April 2023.

By Ayodeji Olofintila Program Director,

GV Initiative.

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